Sun Bed Tanning

We offer the best way for you to have the most beautiful natural sun kissed tan. The control is all in your hands as the tanning is tailored down to what you want based on your aims and your skin type.

We use the right time for you to be in the sun bed and carefully match products to ensure that the best possible result is given in the specific time, while ensuring your health is not compromised.

At your consultation, you will be scheduled for a series of sun bed sessions and advised on which products are best for you. You will also be fully briefed about the practical and safety aspects of the process.


Each Session

3 Minutes
6 Minutes
9 Minutes
12 Minutes


30 Minutes
60 Minutes
£50 (save £10)
85 Minutes
£65 (save £25)
120 Minutes
£80 (save £40)












IPL Laser Treatments


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Opening times

Monday - Saturday: 9.30am - 7pm

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