Waxing completely removes the hair from the follicle; this leaves an active area of cells over a period of 4-6 weeks depending on the strength of the hair and new hair will grow. Over a period of time and regular waxing treatments the hair becomes weaker and will eventually stop growing. In some areas the hair growth is stronger than others and will therefore require longer periods of waxing treatments than others. The rate of re-growth varies amongst individuals. 

Methods of hair removal such as shaving, cutting, abrasive gloves and depilatory creams only remove the hair from the surface of the skin so within a few days blunt re-growth is apparent-the hair grows back often thicker and spiky. At Nashmils Beauty we use a special wax called Lycon wax, Lycon wax is the professional’s choice in quality wax and is an essential ingredient in leading salons around the world, Its fantastic for Sensetive skin and less pailful

Full Leg Wax £25
Full Leg Wax Including Bikini Line £28
3/4 Leg Wax £20
Half Leg Wax £14
High Bikini £16
Bikini Wax £9
Full Bottom Wax £12
Peri Anal
Brazilian Wax (Special wax, Lycon) £27
Hollywood Wax (Special wax, Lycon) £30
Full Arm Wax £20
Full Arm Wax Including Underarm £24
3/4 Arm Wax £16
Half Arm Wax £12
Underarm Wax £9
Full Face Wax + Eye Brows £22
Full Face Wax (no eye brows)
Lip or Chin Wax £6
Lip and Chin Wax
Eyebrows £8
Back, Neck & Shoulder Wax £22
Tummy Wax / Full Front
Side Wax
Forehead Wax £6














Mens Waxing
Back, Neck and Shoulder Wax
Chest Wax £25
Back and Chest Wax £48
Neck and Shoulder Wax £10
Neck Wax £6
Eyebrow Shape Wax £8
Full Leg Wax £30
Full Arm Wax
Half Arm Wax
Half Leg Wax
Peri Anal £12




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